Privacy Policy:

We do ultimate care and respect to our each customer’s privacy because you are our asset. We ensure that Ainak Store is responsible for your complete confidentiality of the details that you have shared with us like: name, home address, telephone number, or email address. Be confident! it will not be mistreated or shared with any third party.

How we use personal data we collect:

We only use your personal data within the limits authorized by the laws and regulations. Sometimes, we shall use your personal data because the laws and regulations require us to do so. In any case, we do not make any automated decisions solely on automatic processing which may produce legal effects concerning you, or similarly significantly affect you.

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

We use your identification data to facilitate delivery of goods you have purchased from us, update you on the progress of your order, send reminders for replenishment, process automatic re-orders, handle returns and service your account and to contact you in case of a product recall. Such a process is based upon the agreement we enter into.

We anonymize your personal data and use it to improve your experience on our website, identify and report on bugs and issues, assess the impact of changes we make on customer behavior, analyses and improve the performance of the website. Such a process is operated for our legitimate interest.